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Courage (Klaine 5x16 Reaction)


Kurt and Blaine have another discussion after Blaine’s insecurities come out into the open. (Takes place during the episode between the discussion and the klaine/artie/sam scene)

PG, mention of the events of bash, warnings for discussion of negative body image

It was a quiet night after the fencing incident had led to Blaine’s insecurities bursting out from the mounting pressure he’d been hiding behind, which had caused Kurt’s defenses to shoot out like a forcefield. There had been a discussion, but no passionate makeup sex, at least not yet. Instead Blaine stayed late at the loft, since Sam had asked for some time that night for something needing 100 candles (Blaine hadn’t questioned it), and Artie and Rachel were both out. Kurt and Blaine were leaning against Kurt’s headboard, a movie playing on the laptop that neither of them was really watching. Instead it was the soft, careful contact of their hands clasped between them that was the center of their focus.

About a third of the way through, Kurt squeezed Blaine’s hand to get his full attention.

“Look, I know things from earlier are still…fresh,” he began, “but just know that I did hear you and what you’re struggling with. And…I understand.” Kurt paused, unsure of whether to go through with the thought. As if reading his mind, Blaine reached forward to minimize the movie before turning to face Kurt.

“It’s just…I know what it’s like to hate the way you look,” Kurt continued. “To not like what you see in the mirror. To be ridiculed and mocked and physically punished by others for your appearance. And I – god, I should have said something when those guys in combat class were being mean to you.” He closed his eyes, shaking his head.

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another 5x16 reaction because that ep just won’t leave me alone:

Kurt continues his Sunday morning workout routine and Blaine decides he should join in. Includes push-up kisses. ao3

Sunday morning comes quickly now that they’ve worked out their problems for the most part. Blaine slips out of bed early and stares at himself in the mirror that stands in the corner of Kurt’s room, turning to his side to see if anything has changed even though he only just started the crazy routine they’ve put themselves on a few days ago.

"You look hot," Kurt mumbles, pulling the blanket tighter around himself like he always does as he’s just waking up, as if he wants nothing more than to curl up and go on sleeping forever. "Come back to bed."

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"Chris and I have been in a lot of dark places together, and the thing I love about Chris, we met over some ‘apple juice’ and it was like one of those experiences where there’s a dude you meet and you’re like ‘Man, you’re a cool dude.’ Then a whole bottle of ‘apple juice’ later you’re like ‘Man, we’re friends.’ Just a dark, dark place."- Anthony Mackie.